Canada | 2010

08:12 | HD Video | Colour

Story / Direction / Camera / Edit: Cam Woykin

Cast: Kelly-Marie Murtha, Paul Nicholls, Brian Bridger, Andrea del Campo, Andrew Flemming,

         Sharon Buhagiar, Barbara de la Fuente, Robert Briehl, Elizabeth Robbins, Stefan

         Ramdhan, Tate Yap, Tristen Yap, Lorena Ashak

Synopsis: A casual backyard birthday party is consumed with tension when an abusive

               relationship is revealed between the birthday boy’s parents. Told through cautious

               glances and wandering eyes, Woykin controls the viewers' gaze, never permitting

               them to look away. A homemade pinata becomes a powerful focal point,

               symbolizing all the fear and helplessness of the party’s guests.

Festival Premiere: Toronto International Film Festival (2010)